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Welcome to Miniaturist's Accessories

By clicking on the links to the left you can go to sections here
that will assist in with what you need to game with miniatures,
apart from the miniatures themselves.

These other items can be used to mount your miniatures,
provide battlefield scenery, badges and also the dice needed
to play your games.
Supabases - Introducing our brand new range of precision cut MDF bases suitable for all scales and
types of wargaming.  We present to you SupaBases! Made from high quality MDF and sourced entirely in
Scotland.  Choose from fifteen different packs presently including all normal shapes and sizes and a
sample pack. Have a will like them!

Bits & Sprus - Bits and Sprues - Make your Miniatures Unique! The new Bits & Sprues range gives every
wargamer the chance to make their miniatures unique. By adding personal touches to every character in
your forces you can add humour, relevance and interest on the gaming table. Each sprue comes with
several ‘bits’ which can easily be snipped off and then added to a miniature. All the ‘bits’ are in 28mm scale
and in white metal. Its never been easier to make a standard production miniature more distinctive.
Choose the sprues you want and get started!

Generic Battlefield Items - Here you can find items that assist in the presentation of your fields of battle.

Plastic Bases - In this section you can find different types of Plastic Bases for use with your miniatures.

Metal Bases - In this section you will find metal bases of several types made by Alternative Armies. For
the discerning game collector, or the gamer who wishes to add more weight to his miniatures on the table.

Dice For Gaming - Roll on to Victory with the Dice you can find here.

AA Clothing - "In this section you can find the current clothing that Alternative Armies offers.  This clothing
is also worn by all of our staff. Note: AA Clothing is limited run.  If stock is out your order will be declined."

Pins & Badges - Show your loyalty to the Generals of Valon.