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Alternative Armies Unique Celtic Mythology Skirmish Game System

From the very dawn of time, the land existed. Invaded, colonised,
deserted, invaded once more, and always fighting against the
darkness that dwelt in the Northern Seas. The land was rich with
Magic, a place for Heroes, Gods and Monsters. This land has
been and shall always be - Erin.

'Now sit you down and listen for this tale will fascinate and
confound you in equal measure, for what I speak of is no longer
vivid life in this world of men....'
Erin is a Wargame based on the 'Invasion Cycle' of Celtic Ireland. It is designed to be used with Alternative
Armies range of Celtic Mythology Miniatures, all of these intended to portray the feel of accurate Celtic
Mythology. Ancient Magics, old Gods and Monsters from the mists of time are common in the land of Erin
as well as mere men and women.

Erin allows you to take the role of a Hero of ancient Myth and to lead the Warband that you assemble
through Legends of triumph, glory and tragedy. Your Hero and Warband may be Milesian, Sidhe,
Fomorian, Firbolg or Nemedian. No matter who or what you are the goal is the same: to live eternally in
Song and in Legend.

In its second edition, Erin adds much to its roots, building on its simple yet elegant rules system and the
Mythology that surrounds the Invasion Cycle of Ireland and Gods and Monsters of one of the world's most
important Mythologies gains a greater depth of play.

The main features of the Erin Rulebook are 'The Land of Erin - The Invasion Cycle narrative', the rules of
battle, array of war (expansion rules for cavalry, chariots), Terrain, Warband and Hero creation, the
peoples of Erin, Gods and Monsters, Mythical Warriors along with core scenarios, scenario creation and
pre-made Warband sheets.

Simply select your warband and begin making your myths come to life.

Gypsee Games is proud to bring you these great miniatures and game system.