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Welcome  to the Flintloque books page.

Choose from the titles below and get yourself in to the world's finest black powder fantasy gaming system -
Flintloque 3rd Edition!

If you are new to Flintloque and want to know where to start please look at all of the books below and make
your choice.

Choose your preferred campaign theatre.  Is it dusty Catalucia (5025), the frozen Witchlands (5026) or the
forests of Urop (5028); all game books contain FULL RULES.

Then for artillery rules, sieges and armoury choose 5027 Grapeshotte which works with ANY of the game
books and adds to each of them.

We welcome emails regarding your choices and proposed assembly of miniatures for your Flintloque
games.  For suggestions
EMAIL us for a list.

To begin simply decide if you'd rather have a starter set or a core rule book, click the link to the right and
jump into the Black Powder action!