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The Undead Army contains many different types of troops, below
is a simple guide to each of them.  (please note that far more
detail is contained in the Flintloque and Slaughterloo books)
The Witchlands are huge and frozen, dotted with cities and castles.  Ruled
over by a Vampyre nobility who care only for their own power, who are in
turn overawed by the mysterious Dark Czar Aleksander who uses his
Magicke and the K.G.B Liches to enforce his will even on the Vampyres.  
Under these two powers are the masses, some mortal, many more once dead and now living once more.   
The foolish Tyrant Mordred make the mistake of invading the Witchlands with the Grande Armee du Norde,
more than 650,000 soldiers now dance with the dead in the snows.
These lupin soldiers have gone into the service of the Star Wraith, against
those who sided with the Ferach Empire.  They are excellent scouts and
light troops, their howling drawing the shambling dead ever closer.
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