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Alternative Armies Unique Greek Mythology Skirmish Game System

'Challenger of Zeus, most vast and terrifying of monsters, the sinew of coiled
snakes and venom: a bringer of horrifying battle and despair.

- Typhon, King of Evil.
A 'Heroic Scale' game with 50mm scale miniatures, re-create the battles of Greek Myth and wage your own
quest to become a Hero of the stamp of Hercules. True to the actual myths and warriors of Greece.

'Heroic Scale' miniatures stand are much larger than our 28mm figures (centre Flintloque miniature) as the
image below illustrates, allowing you to skirmish in a much more imposing scale.

Game System and Supplements
Typhon - Authenic Greek Mythology rules set
The Warriors of Greece
The Hoplites of Greece - Heroes of Men
The Shades of Hades - Denizens of Hades
The Cyclopean Warriors - Offspring of the Hundred Handers and the Cyclopes
The Monsters of Greece -Terrifying Creatures and those of Myth who seek to destroy men.
In the 'Before Time', all was Chaos and Darkness nothing had the form of existence or a place to dwell.
Mother Earth burst from this Chaos and sprang forth with lush grass and blue waters from the soil and
cliffs of a New World, the universe was born and grown. Along with the simple beasts and the birds of the
air were her first children, the hundred -handed ones. After these Giants came the master builders, the
Cyclops of a Single-Eye, builders of massive walls and binders of the lands. Banished to far away from
Thrace, some to Tartarus they dwell still, or so say their decedents still of the One-Eyes. Titans came from
the earth bound by the hammering of the One-Eyes and admired and then feared by the Gods who now
came to the world. These Titans fought the Gods and were destroyed by Zeus, Father of the Gods of
Olympus and son of Cronus who tried to kill his son. Mother Earth assisted Zeus and used the
hundred-handed ones to destroy Cronus and the Titans. Being mightier than the Titans the
hundred-handed ones hold them prisoner beyond view and under locks.
Alternative Armies, Typhon 50mm Skirmish Miniture Game. Hoplites vs. Shades from Hades
Alternative Armies, Typhon. 50mm Skirmish Miniature Game. Shade Warrior from Hades vs. HE07 Cyclopes
The Gods of Olympus through Zeus were now the sky above and though the ravaged land grew once
more it was empty of divine works. From Serpent's teeth, the hands of Prometheus and the richest fruits of
Mother Earth came the First Men. These men were golden creatures, eaters of honey, dancers and Sliver
Race of Men, like The Golden they were divinely created but they lacked drive and did not worship the
Gods though they never warred with each other. Zeus killed them all for this idleness and brought about
third the Brazen Men who were evil and were seized all by Black Death.
The Fourth Race of Men is the time of Legend, frail and brazen but begotten by mortal mothers they fight
gloriously. They blazed at the Siege of Thebes, battled at Troy and with the Trojans, sent far voyages
such as that of the Argonauts and fair Odysseus. Battling monsters and each other they will all end in
Elysian Fields, but not here and not now. Now is the time of Heroes. The time of Olympus and the time for
creating Legend: your time.
In the Typhon rulebook you will find the times of fable background, full rules for playing the game, creating
your Hero his Sacred Band and the foes he must fight, the primary gods of Olympus and their powers,
making your own 'myth' or small campaign, the array of battle and monsters (extra rules) along with the
core scenarios and several pre-made play sheets

Fully supported by;
- a full range of superb authentic 50mm miniatures
- miniatures available painted and unpainted
- authentic myth background material based on the work of Homer and other sources
- 'black vase' style Greek artwork
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