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Welcome to Gypsee Games. We are a game manufacture, and game distributor. We manufacture:
strategy and tactics miniature games, miniatures, board games, and card games.

Our contact information

By email: gypsee@gypseegamesstore.com

By standard mail:
Gypsee Games
106 Paint Brush Rd.
Fort Worth, TX 76108

By phone:
(479) 653-0565

Best method of contact is via email.
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Shipping Information:
Our orders are filled at The Studio. If item is in stock your order will ship within 1-2 days from being placed
(Orders paid for by check give us 5-7 days for the check to clear). If the item(s) ordered are not in stock
you will receive an email to that fact. Item(s) not in stock will be obtained from the manufacturer. When the
items arrive they will ship within 1-2 days.

Refund, Returns and Cancellation Policies:
Our goal is a good time. Sometimes you get product that you didn't really want.

We are happy to take back any product you are not satisfied with or maybe you changed your mind. Either
way we want you to be taken care of. We'll take back any product up to 60 days and issue you a full refund
for the product.

Product must be complete and in resealable condition. Refunds are at our discretion and will be affected
by: lost or missing parts, damaged packaging, etc. If you'd rather have a different product we'd be happy
to ship you the alternate product (different prices may result in charge or a refund along with the product).
After sixty days we'll be happy to issue you "store" credit.

If you picked something up and it gathered some dust...you decided you didn't want that Armee type or
figure, or the board game you picked up for that special Christmas present...didn't work out and you'd like
an exchange or store credit we are happy to do that. Returns for credit must be in new resealable
condition. Credit will be affected by ost/missing parts or the need to repackage the product.

Order Cancellations:
Orders may be canceled any time prior to shipping. If product has shipped please see refund policy.
Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: What is Gypsee Games? A: We are a game manufacturer and game distributor.
Q: How do I check my order? A: send us an email and we'll check on it and get back to you.
Q: What are your shipping methods? A: Our standard method is USPS, but we're happy to ship almost any
Q: Do you accept sculpting orders?  A: We are open to considering single sculpt orders.  We would accept
the image from you and work with our sculptors to produce the image.  We do not accept all request but
are happy to consider every one.  If you have a good idea, who knows... you may be able to see it as
a miniatures.  Send all sculpt requests to sculpts@gypseegames.com.
Q: Do you purchase game concepts?  A: Gypsee games is always willing to look at new game ideas and if
it has merit we are willing to negotiate a purchase for the intellectual property.  
Q: Do you purchase games? A: If by this you mean do we purchase games that have been produced by
another game manufacturer the answer is most likely no.  If you have a rare or out of print game that
someone at Gypsee is interested in, contact us with the details and then we will consider it.
Q: Do you buy used/old miniatures as casting media? A: No, many of the old models were made using lead.
Our models & figures contain no lead, unless it is from a specific lead based line (which we do not plan
on producing at this time).  Regardless, we use precise metal compositions in all our casts and therefore
are unable to purchase or accept exchange requests for used or new models/figures as casting media.
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