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Model: CC1001
Description: Accessories - Pin Badges "Oswald Peeblekettle"
Albion Badge Oswald is an Orc Rifle Officer.  Declare your
allegiance to Albion!

Price: $7.00
Model: CC1002
Description: Accessories - Pin Badges "Obidiah's Army"
Deserter Band - Obidiah Obidiah leads one of the most
successful deserter bands in Valon's history.  Are you a
mercenary?  Show your colors!

Price: $7.00
Model: CC1003
Description: Accessories - Pin Badges "Ferach Symbol" Ferach
Badge. Mordred leads the largest army in history.  He aims to
bring about a new world.  These claims of a tyrant are false.  
Show your loyalty for his majesty!

Price: $7.00
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