It is the summer of 3076 on Terra...
Dawn breaks over many worlds illuminating the devastation and destruction wrought by the war the
universe faces.  It is a time when House and Clan alike face the greatest enemy either has known.  It
is the year 3076 and human kind took to the stars a long time ago, to colonize space and expand
human existence.  Now a fanatical group of humans calling themselves
The Word of Blake has
created technology far surpassing anything mankind has ever seen.  Their fanaticism has led them
to manipulate their bodies, adding cybernetics, changing them into a dangerous half man half
machine beings capable of terrible destruction.  They have taken their technology and their undying
fanaticism to the universe in a Jihad war to control the known universe.
For nearly four years, the fires of war have threatened to consume all the nations of mankind as the
Word of Blake's furious campaign of terror and deception raged on.  Millions have died, mighty
armies have fallen, and ancient empires have shattered, with no end in sight.  But even as all hope
seems lost, heroes old and new rise from the ashes of fire-blackened worlds to stand against the
chaos and, maybe, to start turning the tide at last.*

Welcome Mech Jocks, here you'll find information on BattleTech and the current game events hosted
by or supported by Gypsee Games.  If you're interested in hosting BattleTech games for Gypsee
Games please contact us to get setup as a Combat Engineer.
* This paragraph was taken from Catalyst Game Lab's sourcebook; Jihad Hot Spots 3072 and is solely their property.  See Catalyst
Game Lab's Classic BattleTech sourcebook Jihad Hot Spots: 3072, product code 35302 ISBN-13: 978-0-9792047-9-1 for more
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