Iron Winds of War
Enough of Lord Crane’s impudence!
Even as you stare through visor slits, he mocks your house and lineage. Sword drawn and waved on
high, a throaty cry parts your lips as your mounted knights surge after you across the field of battle.
A shower of arrows, fired by your levy, rains death amongst Lord Crane’s warriors….

The fantasy battles described in these rules are fought between armed groups of men led by valiant
leaders represented by miniature figures. These groups challenge, fire their bows, maneuver, and
melee (fight hand-to-hand). The best will endure and claim the victory.

To play this game you will need: at least 2 six-sided dice (2d6); a ruler; casualty markers (paper clips
or rings); some miniature figures (the number will depend on the size of the battle).

Now it is time to gather your forces, and charge the enemy.  It is time to claim your honor, and win
the war.  It is your time.

Iron Winds of War is a set of Fantasy Combat Rules that are very easy to learn and play.  It is
owned by Iron Wind Metals and presented
here for you free of charge, for you to use with your great
Ironw Wind Metals Fantasy Miniatures.
* This paragraph was taken from Catalyst Game Lab's sourcebook; Jihad Hot Spots 3072 and is solely their property.  See Catalyst
Game Lab's Classic BattleTech sourcebook Jihad Hot Spots: 3072, product code 35302 ISBN-13: 978-0-9792047-9-1 for more
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Iron Winds of War