Iron Wind Metals

An Ohio based foundry and game miniatures manufacturer.  Founded way back in 1886 during the
first Pewter and Miniatures Rush.  They have staved off pirate attacks during the Spanish Gold
rebellion of the 12th century.  Yes they are all that and more.    

Product Lines:
Their product lines include: BattleTech, Shadowrun, Iron Winds of War (Their own Fantasy Strategy
and Tactics game), Historical 28mm figures, Fantasy Role Playing miniatures, and terrain for gaming.

BattleTech (A Brief Overview):
BattleTech is produced by Catalyst Game Labs (or CGL for short).  The game is currently set in the
year 3076.  BattleTech takes you into a time when the universe is at war.  Humanity has reached the
stars and the galaxy has been split into Houses (similar to the feudal system) and Clans (a warrior
society).  The Great Houses vie for greater control of the known universe and the Clans are
attempting to bring all of humanity under their rule in a cast like system where warriors are at the top.
 BattleTech can be played using hex based maps (making it like a board game) or using miniatures
rules (making it a Strategy & Tactics miniatures combat game).  This flexibility, and the story arc, has
made this game popular world wide.

Iron Winds of War (A Brief Overview):    
This is Iron Wind Metals' Fantasy based, Strategy and Tactics miniatures combat game.  The rules
are kept simplistic which lends itself to ease of play.  Learn in minutes, play for a lifetime.  

Shadowrun (A Brief Overview):
Shadowrun is produced by Catalyst Game Labs (or CGL for short).  It takes you into a near future, a
dark future.  Society is controlled by the corporations, and magic has returned to the world.  A time
when mother nature has re-awakened and humans have morphed into Orcs, Trolls, Elves and
Dwarves.  A world where Technology and Magic are power.  This role playing game takes you into
the shadow world, the dark side of humanity where you run the streets combating: corporations,
gangs, other 'runners' and the criminals of the world.  You negotiate contracts where you are hired
to obtain information.  The streets are cold and dark, and sometimes there in lurks a Dragon.

The Rest:
Iron Wind Metals other product lines can be found by clicking the navigation buttons.  You will find
that their products are reasonably priced and well worth adding to your gaming collection.
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