... the world has changed, mega corporations are now in charge and information is the new gold.
You live in the shadows, do jobs for Mr. Johnson and try to rise to the top.

The changed world, now filled with magick, is a dangerous place.  Creatures stalk the streets,
creatures like Vampires, and Ghouls, other Shadowrunners sent to take you out.

Are you a street mage, a street fighting samurai, or a jacked in technomancer?  Only you can decide.

Gypsee Games is proud to bring you Iron Wind Metal's Shadworun figures.  Shadowrun is a role
playing game produced by Catalyst Game Labs.  These great miniatures can be used with any
futuristic game system.
* This paragraph was taken from Catalyst Game Lab's sourcebook; Jihad Hot Spots 3072 and is solely their property.  See Catalyst
Game Lab's Classic BattleTech sourcebook Jihad Hot Spots: 3072, product code 35302 ISBN-13: 978-0-9792047-9-1 for more
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